20 maggio, 2010 | di

Vittorio Paola mi ha segnalato questo evento che si terrà a Cork il 21 ed il 22 Giugno, e con piacere rigiro la cosa qui. Questi i temi:

Environmental data and applications have some peculiar features that make them distinct from the typical application in applied computer science. During recent years, this has led to the emergence of Environmental Informatics or Enviromatics (Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems). This is a novel field of Applied Informatics which is concerned with the application of computer science techniques to environmental problems. The same methodological and conceptual framework is shared by Computational Sustainability: “an interdisciplinary field that aims to apply techniques from computer science, information science, operations research, applied mathematics, and statistics for balancing environmental, economic, and societal needs for sustainable development”. The ultimate aim of these new and evolving areas of modern research is to develop computational and mathematical models to support decision making in challenging real world problems denoted by the often misused or vaguely defined concept of “sustainability”.
The colloquium will provide cutting-edge data analysis and modeling tools for a variety of practical applications by presenting concepts, algorithms, and case studies related to environmental problems. Attendees can expect a series of presentations on spatio-temporal data organization, analysis, modelling.
The colloquium will be useful for beginning users as well as advanced researchers.

Trovate qui tutti i dettagli:

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